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I’m not here to persuade you into supporting my business by telling you how passionate I am about detailing.  I think anyone who details at an elite level has some amount of passion driving them.  Instead, here are a few things that I think separate Regenix Detailing from the rest.  They are the principles I keep in mind when making every single business decision, and they’re the reason I’ve been able to build an extremely loyal client base.



I’m just as passionate about my clients as I am about their vehicles.  What does this mean for you?  It means when you call, I won’t push you into getting something you don’t want.  Instead, i opt for asking questions to truly understand what you need then making my best suggestion based on that information.  The end result may be that you end up booking a lower priced service with us…and that’s ok.  I’m not here to “make a quick buck” by upselling you to a package you don’t need. I’m here to build trust through long term relationships with my clients. 



I won’t use technical jargon in an attempt to build credibility.  The credibility comes from the results of my work & the reviews you find online.  Instead, I speak in terms my clients understand, so they know exactly what to expect for each service they’re getting before any work is performed.  Then, if it’s a higher level service performed, you’ll receive updates throughout the process. Lastly – when the vehicle is picked up, I’m happy to answer any detailing-related questions and inform you of the best ways to maintain your vehicle once it leaves the shop.



I take an insane pride in the work that I do.  Whether it’s a show quality paint correction & ceramic coating or just a wash ‘n’ wax, I want all my clients to feel at ease knowing that every job performed will be to the best of my ability. The truth is, there’s tons of ways detailers can cut corners to save time & “get over” on clients.  When I started this business, I did it with a mission to consistently deliver the highest level of quality without cutting corners, ever.



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